Keepe is a tech-driven on-demand maintenance solution for the rental housing industry. Maintenance for rental properties is a completely different paradigm than for homeowner-resident properties. 

  • For property managers with portfolios of single family residences and sub-50 unit apartment buildings, Keepe provides an on-demand maintenance network available seven days a week for maintenance appointments.

  • For independent landlords and property owners, Keepe provides peace of mind by making maintenance a breeze. No more haggling with contractors, no trying to look up qualified contractors on Google and Yelp, no more running interference on scheduling between the contractor and the tenant. Keepe provides a simplified workflow that streamlines the pricing, scheduling, dispatching and fulfillment of qualified technicians for maintenance requests. 

  • For independent contractors that love working on maintenance without having to bear the overhead of free estimates, bidding, negotiating and haggling with clients, Keepe provides a job-generation service that is a paradigm shift from the lead-generation standard set by the various homeowner-focused contractor services.

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